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Hello there, welcome to my personal Homepage!

It's dumb and doesn't serve any porpose at all, but it's fun!

About this webpage

Hello, I am BaneneBoye and this my personal webpage. I intend to mostly use this page to experiment with HTML and CSS, since I'm still very inexperienced with it. I intend to keep on adding new things to my webpage on a daily basis to make this page the best it can be. Even though I'll be adding A lot of stuff to my webpage, I intend to keep it in the style of the late 1990s and the early 2000s, because I think that the more modern look of today look kinda bland and boring. There are many more things to come and I'll try to keep the flow of updates steady, But for now I'm satisfied.
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I'm approaching high school finals, so there won't be any big updates for a while. Once I'm done with finals though, I'll be able to fully focus myself on improving the page and make better by the day. I tried adding some music, but so far it's just not working since I can't upload any audio files at the moment, but it's not really that a big deal. I also find it harder and harder to change the webpage in ways that I want to change it, epsecially with this text segement. But I'm sure that it will all turn out in the end. Ps: This text is a little dated.

About me

Hello, I am BaneneBoye. I am a hobbyist fotographer and currently experimenting with HTML and CSS, and other internet coding languages. Some other hobbies of mine include cooking and collecting old and obscure technology. My favourite thing to fotograph is nature, no matter what the season is. I espaccially like fotographing around dusk and dawn. Everything just radiates a warm glow of dusk. I think the hour before sunrise is a great moment to photograph outside, the sky is no longer just black, but a deep blue that gives everything a cold glow, it's very interesting!
But i'm going off on a tangent again. I earlier said that I really like to collect vintage electronics, so far it's mostly just handheld stuff like phones because I don't have a lot of space inside my bedroom, but it hasn't been a real issue so far. My favourite music genres are jazz, soul and bigband. I don't listen to it that much, sometimes I just like to put on a record and relax while I clear my mind of any harmful thoughts that might get in the way of other things. That's it, this is filler that's here just to make this symmetrical.


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Updates: Corrected some grammatical issues.


More to come in the future! ;-)